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What We Do

For firms or organizations seeking to enter the emerging and frontier markets of Africa and the Middle East, ADC, the American Development Corporation, provides business development, research, investment, finance and advisory services. We support this with a number of related services including market and feasibility studies, business planning, sales and distribution channel development, risk analysis and mitigation strategies, government relations, and legal and regulatory reviews. In addition, the firm also provides managed turnkey solutions for governments and private enterprise to facilitate or promote international trade and commerce.

With over three-hundred fifty professional associates in forty-five national markets, including twenty within Africa itself, ADC is well positioned to serve the business development, research, finance and consulting needs of clients within the MENA and Sub-Saharan regions. 

Who We Are

ADC is a research-focused business development, finance, investment, and advisory and firm with extensive experience assisting clients entering emerging and frontier markets. The firm's international network of associates are seasoned career professionals within their own area of expertise, and include business, financial, academic, scientific, social and engineering professionals.

Typically, ADC serves the pre-market entry needs of companies, governments, and investors by providing bespoken, targeted research and analysis. Once a decision to enter a market is taken, we offer additional support with expert management and business development services. 


How To Work With Us

Depending upon your business needs, ADC can work with you in any number of ways. Retained, agency, commissioned and equity agreements are only some of the forms of representation we've provided clients based upon their specific needs.

Flexible, agile and adept, the way we work depends largely upon your own needs, business objectives and the expected deliverables. For further information, please contact us using the Contact form below.

American Development Corporation

Afinya Energy Project

Accra, Ghana - American Development affiliate, the CEXIM Group, signed a memorandum of understanding with community leaders in Afyina, Ghana, to install a 50MW waste-to-energy facility. “This presents a tremendous opportunity for us to address multiple issues concerning the country right now in both environmental and energy matters,” said Dan Kaiser, managing director of CEXIM. "I'm very grateful to members of the community council for coming together on this issue and recognizing the importance of it to both the environment and the community, and look forward moving ahead in the months to come," he continued.

While the situation with municipal waste disposal continues to worsen as landfills are over filled and new ones are not coming on line fast enough to abate the growing environmental problem, Kaiser notes that in order for this to be successful authorities must also agree to send their municipal waste to the power generation facility. “That seems to be the issue right now. Despite the environmental problems, getting everyone on board for this is the next big challenge for us,” Kaiser said.

Asked about the impact on employment in the area, a company spokesman stated the Afyina project is projected to create over 200 direct jobs. Additional independent contractor opportunities will also be created to transport municipal and other waste, including materials hazardous to the environment, to the plant for disposal. 


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