Mission Statement
Thursday, 21st November 2019

Mission Statement

Focused upon emerging and frontier markets, building international trade and commerce in partnership with governments, corporations and communities is the essence of our mission at ADC. We believe that in helping one to grow we benefit another, and through this, we look to build value for our clients throughout the supply chain.

To accomplish this, ADC focuses upon the following working points:

1. To create wealth for our customers and those throughout the supply chain with an eye toward social responsibility and sustainable enterprises.
2. To build a skilled local workforce through transfer of knowledge and skills.
3. To encourage reciprocal trade by building market and distribution channels for local goods and services.
4. To work to abate poverty amongst at-risk groups, such as women and children.
5. To support local growth in emerging and frontier markets through the development and encouragement of public-private partnerships (PPPs).


ADC is focused on building enterprise and providing turn key management solutions to clients considering entering emerging and frontier markets. Additionally, within these markets, developing export opportunities within the SME sector to reach foreign markets is given equal consideration. However, due to the local cost of capital, workforce limitations, lack of capacity and infrastructure, this is not always possible without direct foreign investment. By working effectively with various governments and agencies, ADC is able to address each of these concerns for both foreign and domestic clients alike.

Very often, within these markets there is a significant and unfulfilled gap between demand and supply and a general lack of competition. In turn, these conditions can provide exceptional returns on investment in many areas from automotive, to consumer goods, wholesale distribution and real estate development, amongst others. For companies willing to consider emerging and frontier economies as a means of achieving horizontal growth, the returns on investment can be outstanding. ADC is there to assist clients in all aspects of pre-market entry, from research and planning, through to implementation and beyond.


ADC works to create two-way, mutual solutions that achieve the investment objectives of the client whilst also providing benefits to the local economy. In mature markets, opportunity is often limited by existing competition and market conditions. Whilst there is often more opportunity within the economies of emerging and frontier markets, unfamiliarity, distance, language, lack of local expertise and knowledge of markets themselves are often barriers which prevent companies from exploring these further. ADC's vision is to work as an effective liaison between companies, investors, governments and communities to the mutual benefit of each.