ADC Core Values

Conducting business within the developing and emerging markets of Africa can be as rewarding as it is challenging. It requires strong partnerships on all sides in order to succeed, and an inside understanding of business, economics, law and the political situation on the ground. As an organization, ADC’s objective is to create success stories for our clients, and lay the foundation to build upon that success by providing them with superior research, planning, and professional services. Toward this, we subscribe to the following values, which we refer to as C.A.P.E.

Clarity of Process – At ADC, we operate according to a simple credo that says, “Say what you do, but by all means, do what you say.” We are committed to a policy of full disclosure and sharing of information across the organization and with our clients each step along the way. ADC believes that through good communications case outcomes are improved, problems and redundancies greatly reduced or eliminated, and cost efficiencies generated for both the organization and its clients.

Accountability – Results are the product of ADC’s work. Accountability across the value chain, from intake through to completion, assures these results will always conform to international standards, and meet or exceed client expectations. Certainty of outcome is a firm commitment from us to you, and we hold ourselves fully accountable for your complete satisfaction with ADC’s work products.

Partnership – Partnership not only describes ADC’s commitment to its clients to work as an integral extension of their own team, but also with Africa itself. In over twenty African nations, we engage local associates in business, academia, political science, law and others to derive research, planning, and analysis that matter to you. ADC believes that by engaging local, indigenous talent as well as top analysts abroad, it allows us to deliver superior insight and analysis, and work as an effective extension of our clients’ own team to deliver cost-effective results wherever we operate.

Ethics – At ADC we subscribe to the highest standards of ethics in all our relationships, both personal and in business. As part of our commitment to upholding these values, we retain a Compliance Officer in order to assure adherence to professional standards, and conformance with all policies, procedures, regulations, and relevant laws.