Green Initiative

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and abate climate change and global warming, ADC has undertaken a number of initiatives. As important and guided by our philosophy, we also attempt through our investment work to encourage technologies that are carbon neutral or negative. For carbon-intensive investment customers, ADC requires submission of an energy plan and annual reports on carbon consumption.

Corporate Travel: Some ways ADC works toward carbon neutrality is by reducing corporate travel through the use of technologies such as video conferencing and remote desktop presentations. Work related carbon emissions, such as airline travel and commuting to and from work, are most often major sources of business-related carbon consumption. As such, and where ever possible, we encourage the use of remote IT solutions in order to reduce travel-related carbon emissions.

IT Initiatives: Rather than using our own servers ADC uses virtual servers located off site to curtail energy consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. Also, ADC is piloting the use of virtual cloud-based communications using emerging technologies in place of traditional ones. We also use a centralized document management server in order to cut down on use of paper, reduce office space requirements and therefore energy requirements, and increase employee access to information without the use of additional energy requirements in order to obtain it.