Social Responsibility
Thursday, 21st November 2019

Social Responsibility

At ADC we believe in creating sustainable trade and business that improves the lives of people and their communities. Simply put, we see trade and development within emerging and developing markets as a two-way street. The potential for great profits over and above those seen in the more mature markets of Europe and the Americas is constantly contrasted against local communities struggling to grow and succeed.

While mature markets of the West generally have everything, within emerging and developing markets they need everything. Thus, business opportunity abounds and less competition exists for those with access to capital and the desire to succeed.

However, with this opportunity also comes a special responsibility. ADC believes that giving back to the communities it does business within is just as important as success in business itself. Upon this belief, we strive to create success stories for people and communities just as much as we strive for our own clients' success.

We work toward this in a number of ways. Through technology and knowledge transfer we look to provide necessary and critical skills to empower people to succeed. Through trade and business assistance we work to create new market opportunities for local goods. And ultimately, we look to create a two-way street that makes business both rewarding and enriching for everyone involved.