Franchising and Technology Transfer
Thursday, 21st November 2019

Franchising and Technology Transfer

Food and Beverage

In any examination of developing and emerging markets, there is an evident and significant unfulfilled demand gap within the F&B (food and beverage) and ICT sectors. This trend was first documented in the emerging markets of the Middle East.  From the 1980s onward, as the oil and gas sector brought with it new found wealth to nations such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE, demand for American F&B outlets grew as it did for ICT services. As major American brands continue to seek out growth through international expansion, this trend now is seen extending to African markets along with the development of oil, gas and natural resources there.


Web services are in ample supply within North America, and readily available. However, services such restaurant reservations and on-demand printing and photos (for example) are simply not available in many developing and emerging markets. Through licensing and technology transfer agreements, monetizing these technologies within emerging and developing markets represents a new frontier in franchise development. ADC views franchising of existing technologies as one of the next big horizontal growth markets for ICT, and is actively interested in speaking with companies who wish to explore developing foreign markets further.


ADC staff has over six decades of combined expertise within the F&B and ICT sectors, and is well positioned to assist companies interested in entering new markets in which it is active. For further information, please contact us using the form on this page. 

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